We are a Methodist Church serving the communities of Four Oaks and Mere Green in Sutton Coldfield in the West Midlands. 

You are assured of a warm welcome if you join us for any of our services and events.  There are directions and details of how to find us on the For Visitors page and if you may need any help to join us do please contact the office

For information about the Methodist Church nationally visit the Church's website and find out some of the things that make Methodism distinctive.

Lots of things are changing around us at the moment - changes in people, in organisation and in facilities. During a period of change and transition like this, with all the anxiety that entails, it's more important than ever for us to hold on to the unchanging constancy of God's love for us and to sense his Spirit at work in all we do.

Changes in people: After 5 years, Revd John and Deacon Liz Rowe will be leaving us. Please come and share in our celebration of their ministry on 30 July and join with us in wishing them well for the future (see some details on the News page). This summer also sees the retirement of Diane Forsythe, who has been a lay worker in our church and in our circuit for more years than we would ever ask her to own up to! At the beginning of September we will welcome both Revd Stephen Froggatt and his family, and also Deacon Marilyn Slowe. 

Changes in organisation: Our Sutton Park Circuit of churches is changing. Going forward, we will be part of the suburban "cluster" along with the Methodist churches at South Parade, Streetly, Blackwood and Kingsbury, and we will also be paired with on of the churches from the city "cluster", in our case we will pair with Nechells church.

Changes in facilities: The massive redevelopment of all of our community facilities that we have been working towards for many months should be able to start soon - we are discussing design features with the selected tenderer. Do have a look at the plans and designs on the wall in the corridor at church, or pick up one of the "refurbishment pack" envelopes in church. There are details in the pack of how you could contribute to finishing this project off if you are also excited by it. Please bear with us once the building starts, as we know (and we apologise in advance) that many of our regular events and facilities will be disrupted.

One source of stability during all this upheaval is the Methodist Church's tradition of engaging in action for social justice. On that subject, please have a look at our Refugee Crisis PageIf your heart also aches at the plight of the refugees you may find there's something you can get involved with. 

None of these changes is going to slow down our work collecting funds and resources for causes close to our hearts: the regular monthly collections for the Basics Bank will go on as always; so too the lunches and other events for Nkanfoa school in Ghana; and all of our regular efforts for Action for Children, All We Can, MHA and others. 

Another great source of stability will be our fellowship. We can rely on our church groups to operate as normal. And of course our daily and weekly programme of prayer and worship will carry on undaunted - even if there seems to be a building site all around us, rest assured that the warmth of our welcome will be undimmed! 

You can also find out lots more about what our church family is involved with in our monthly magazine, The Messenger, which has lots more than than we could fit onto the website.  There is a bumper double edition for July and August, and it includes:

  • announcements and details about some of the changes mentioned above
  • a description of Church Without Walls, an initiative of the Birmingham District of the Methodist Church
  • an invitation to afternoon tea on 5 August to raise funds for Nkanfoa school, and a report from Ian and Diana Bosman, tireless champions of the school on their latest visit to Ghana
  • a statement of the mission goals that our Sutton Park Circuit has set for itself for the next five years
  • part 2 of a new series exploring Methodist history tells us a little more about some of the personalities of early Methodism
  • a consideration of why testimonies are as important now as they were to the early Methodist church (which collected and published many), and why people are so often reluctant to talk to others about their story, their faith and what God means to them
  • articles from some of our members including:
    • Deacon Phyllis Thorne gives some thoughts on prayer - what IS a prayer, why does it matter? 
    • Miss Donna Newby reports on the Methodist World Mission Conference in June which focussed on the Christian response to the refugee crisis
    • Mr Glyn Constantine reflects on the changes in the Christian understanding of faith and God's grace that were triggered 500 years ago this October by Martin Luther's publishing of his 95 theses
    • Mrs Lynette Jones tells us about the picnic and praise party that she organised in May for some of the families whose children have been baptised by John and Liz during their time with us 
    • Mrs Diane Forsythe reflects on her years as a lay worker in our circuit, starting many projects in our church and then taking her compassion and love to serve many elderly and often lonely people in local care homes
    • Revd Dr John Taylor points out the differences between memory, cleverness and wisdom. No doubt his conclusion - that wisdom is the most valuable of the three and can only be acquired by great experience - is uninfluenced by the fact that he celebrates his 80th birthday this year (congratulations John the Wise!)

If you don't already receive a copy of The Messenger, pick one up when you are in church or contact the office if you would like us to send you one.