We are a Methodist Church serving the communities of Four Oaks and Mere Green in Sutton Coldfield in the West Midlands. 

You are assured of a warm welcome if you join us for any of our services and events.  There are directions and details of how to find us on the For Visitors page and if you may need any help to join us do please contact the office

Revd John and Deacon Liz Rowe lead our church family, and have pastoral responsibility for two other churches in the same part of our circuit, at Blackwood and Streetly.  For information about the Methodist Church nationally visit the Church's website and find out some of the things that make Methodism distinctive.

June starts with the traditional birthday of the church, Pentecost, which this year falls on 4 June. We remember God's Holy Spirit descending on the earliest followers of Jesus in Jerusalem and filling them with the power, wisdom and determination to take Jesus' good news out to the whole world.

The following Sunday is celebrated by Western Christians as Trinity Sunday. It's an opportunity to celebrate the three ways we can know and understand God, as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. For Methodists it is also MHA Sunday, the time each year when we recognise the exceptional work MHA does in supporting the elderly and pledge ourselves to continue to support their efforts as much as we can. If you are in church that day there will be an opportunity to find out more about MHA, and to make a contribution if you wish.

The Methodist Church has a particular tradition of action for social justice which we strive to uphold here in our church too. Recently we refreshed our special Refugee Crisis Page, adding some useful materials and ways that you can get involved.  Give it a look. If your heart also aches at the plight of the refugees you may find there's something you can get involved with.

You can also find out lots more about what our church family is involved with in our monthly magazine, The Messenger, which has lots more than than we could ever fit onto the website. The June edition includes:

  • an invitation to a special demonstration the Flower Guild have on 7 June and another special even they are looking forward to on 5 July
  • more information about MHA Sunday
  • an invitation to join the Flower Guild and others in an outing to Trentham Gardens on 13 July
  • an important note from the Stewards - keep your diary clear on Sunday 30 July - if you can make it you could be spending a large part of the day at church marking Revd John's retirement
  • a brilliant description from Coventry Cathedral of what we mean - or should mean -  when we welcome people to worship with us
  • The start of a new new series exploring the History of Methodism - part 1 introduces us to John and Charles Wesley
  • articles from some of our members including:
    • Mrs Pam Kenney gives us her report on a first - but perhaps not her last - visit to Spring Harvest 
    • Mr Peter Cashmore thinks about how we change without knowing it, have constantly adapted to new things, and encourages us not to be afraid of doing more of the same
    • Mr Giles Murcott tells us about his proposed 50 mile cycle ride in June which will not only mark his Big Birthday (congratulations Giles!) but raise funds to combat malaria and cholera
    • Revd Dr John Taylor picks up on the theme of the distinctiveness of Methodism by telling us how any Methodist might make a change to the way the entire church in Great Britain does things through an intriguing process begun with a Memorial (which in this sense is a suggestion to Conference rather than a tombstone)

If you don't already receive a copy of The Messenger, pick one up when you are in church or contact the office if you would like us to send you one.