A Methodist Church serving the communities of Four Oaks and Mere Green in Sutton Coldfield in the West Midlands. 

You are assured of a warm welcome if you join us for any of our services and events.  

There are directions and details of how to find us on the For Visitors page and if you may need any help to join us do please contact the office

For information about the Methodist Church nationally visit the Church's website and find out some of the things that make Methodism distinctive.

Revd Stephen Froggatt and Deacon Marilyn Slowe have pastoral responsibility for our church. Stephen also has pastoral charge of Blackwood and Kingsbury churches; Marilyn ministers to Blackwood church as well as Four Oaks.

We started September with a service of thanksgiving and dedication for our refurbished halls and rooms. The church was packed to the rafters with old friends, neighbours and some of the many people we wanted to thank - builders, donors, well-wishers.  And a party - a massive, brilliant party. There were a lot of people to thank.

The Building Page will be retired soon! We don't need it any more. We will be updating the description and the plan on the Building Page too, to show everyone what our fabulous new facilities look like. (The next thing to be brought up to date will be the medieval software that creakily holds our website together, so we can reliably host more pictures and share our ministry online as well as we can in person.)

But our fine new facilities won't make us great servants of God unless we use them, as Revd Stephen reminds us in his letter this month, and as we were challenged by the guest preacher at our service on 1 September, Revd Lorraine Mellor. What counts is how we set out to make the best use of this fantastic gift we have been given - to serve our community and be faithful to God, offering our hospitality thoughtfully, sincerely, warmly as a faithful reflection of God's love.

Of course this isn't just a new beginning for us, nor just the start of the new year in Methodism. It's a time of new beginnings and new challenges for a lot people. We pray our blessing on all those starting new courses, new schools and new classes (as students or as teachers) at the start of September, and for our young people heading off to college or university this month.

You can also find out lots more about what our church family is involved with in our monthly magazine, The Messenger, which has much more than than we could fit onto the website.  You can pick up a copy in church, or contact the office to be posted a copy, or just email the website and we can send you a pdf.

In the September edition you can find:

  • lots more about the grand re-opening of our community rooms and halls on 1 September
  • information about our collecting and fund raising for All We Can and for Birmingham City Mission
  • details of our Harvest services on 23 September and of a Harvest tea that afternoon 
  • a book review by Revd Stephen of Making Sense of the Bible: Rediscovering the Power of Scripture Today by Pastor Adam Hamilton
  • Pictures from our Bite Out together at the local carvery restaurant, and of the very first trial of our new rooms by a model railway enthusiasts' group who kindly gave everything a test with their annual exhibition in August
  • a report on the frankly awe-inspiring, marathon-running exploits to raise money for persecuted Christian and Muslim minorities in Myanmar of Sarah Easton, who many of us remember from the years her father David was our minister - even as a child Sarah did nothing by half measures and clearly she hasn't changed!
  • articles from some of our members including these:
    • Mr Giles Murcott and Mrs Sue Hayden report on the circuit's activities supporting refugees and asylum seekers 
    • Mr Jim Hart (the esteemed editor) reports on one of the ancient oaks of Four Oaks removed recently from the Manse adjacent to our church and found to be at least 300 years old (Jim insists he didn't plant it!)
    • Mrs Maggie Carrington tells us something of what the Beavers have been up to during the summer, which included camping in the hottest weather for years - they may be the youngest of the Scouts but they're a tough bunch
    • Mrs Pauline Lobley highlights the issues of exam stress combined with the pressures built up by social media that affect so many young people
    • Deacon Phyllis Thorne urges us to continue the Methodist tradition of singing our faith
    • Mr Jack McGinnigle uses examples from his drive to the gym to illustrate the principle that all can be saved because God's goodness is in everyone, however deeply they may bury it
    • Revd Dr John Taylor reminds us that we shouldn't expect to find saints in church - everyone is flawed and in need of God's grace

If you don't already receive a copy of The Messenger, pick one up when you are in church or contact the office or the website if you would like us to send you one.