Sunday Club has decided to go back to being called Junior Church because that's what all the grown-ups were calling us anyway!

Junior Church is all the younger people in our church community. We are:

Crèche: the youngest people in our church family, from babes in arms up to around aged three.

Primary: church family members aged from around 3 to about 6 or 7 years old.

Juniors: members of the congregation aged from around 6 or 7 up to about 11 years old.

Seniors: older children in the congregation aged over 11.


Fusion: that's what we call it when we all get together. We mostly do that on Sundays in the school holidays.

Now the building works are all done (oh yes!) and the school holidays are coming to an end (oh no!) we're properly back in business. We'll be meeting in our various groups every week in the shiny new rooms (fingers crossed we don't make too much mess ...)

We've decided though that we'll carry on doing some of the things we were doing whist we were displaced. In particular:

Crèche will carry on being based in the transept near the door leading from church into the new rooms, so mums and dads can stay with their little ones and still follow the service. You'll find lots of toys and things there every Sunday. If you need to take a little one out of the church because they're unhappy, go through the door into the new rooms. A steward or someone from Junior Church will be able to show you to somewhere quiet if you need it.

The rest of us will meet in our rooms every week from the outset, whether or not it's a communion service. So, ditch the parents and get to your group as soon as you arrive at church.  Unless it's a family service obviously, because then we're all in church all the way through the service and you'll be sad and lonely in the empty hall!  We'll do our own thing, and then pile into church together at about 11.20. We'll try not to cause too much commotion when we do that, especially to those brave enough to sit near the seats at the front that the stewards reserve for us - but you have been warned!

If you need to speak to someone beforehand - about any special needs for instance - or if you have any questions about Junior Church please contact the office.  We'll put you in touch with someone who can help you.

You can follow this link to find out about our Safeguarding Policy

If you're visiting Four Oaks and want to give Junior Church a try you'll be very welcome.  Ask the person who greets you at the door when you arrive, or any of the stewards with name badges to introduce you to one of the Junior Church team.

We generally use material from the Scripture Union curriculum. This means that the different groups will sometimes be looking at the same story or piece of scripture but from different points of view depending on their age. The Seniors think colouring and sticking things is very uncool, but like to have a good chat; Primary love a good sing, especially if there are some actions. You get the idea.