Sunday Club has decided to go back to being called Junior Church because that's what all the grown-ups were calling us anyway!

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience whilst our building project is going ahead and check for news on the Building Work page.

See below for the temporary arrangements during the building works

Junior Church is all the younger people in our church community. We are:

Crèche: the youngest people in our church family, from babes in arms up to around aged three.

Primary: church family members aged from around 3 to about 6 or 7 years old.

Juniors: members of the congregation aged from around 6 or 7 up to about 11 years old.

Seniors: older children in the congregation aged over 11.


Fusion: that's what we call it when we all get together. We mostly do that on Sundays in the school holidays.

From 1 October 2017 until the end of the building project (end of July we hope) we will have revised arrangements for the groups because all the halls will be out of use. 

If you have any questions or need any help please speak to one of the Junior Church team when you are at church, or contact the office if you need to speak to one of the team before you come.

Family services will be unaffected of course, with everyone in church as normal. We won't have space for Fusion meetings until the halls are back in use, but normal Junior Church will carry on, with one change: Junior Church will meet from just before the start of the service and will join the main service in church at about 11.20, regardless of whether or not there is Holy Communion.

This does mean though that Junior Church can't run during the 2018 summer school holidays. We normally run as a Fusion Group through the summer when so many of the young people, and the leaders, are away. This year though we don't know at what stage during the holidays we will get back use of the halls - even when the builders hand them over all the furniture and everything else will have to be retrieved from store.

The Creche area near the transept in church will be stocked with materials for children of different ages to enjoy and the preachers in August are aware that the young people will be in the service.

Crèche: will meet in an area of the transept in church.

Primary: will meet in a little room near the front doors of the church that many of us didn't even know was there!

Juniors and Seniors: will meet in the nearby home of two church members who have generously made their house available. The Stewards on duty and members of the Junior Church team will be able to give you the details. In short though, Junior Church leaders will be in our new "annexe" from 10.15 am so children can be dropped off there and parents can get to church before the service begins at 10.30 am. 

We'll then do our own thing before coming over to church en masse at about 11.20, the Seniors collecting the Primary children on the way.  We'll try not to cause too much commotion as we pile into the service, especially to those brave enough to sit near the seats at the front that the stewards try to reserve for us!

If you need to speak to someone beforehand - about any special needs for instance - or if you have any questions about Junior Church please contact the office.  We'll put you in touch with someone who can help you.

You can follow this link to find out about our Safeguarding Policy

If you're visiting Four Oaks and want to give Junior Church a try you'll be very welcome.  You can always ask the person who greets you at the door when you arrive, or any of the stewards with name badges you will see around the church, to introduce you to one of the Junior Church team.