Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience whilst our building project is going ahead and check for news on the Building Work page.

Please note in particular that the church itself is closed

from Monday 30 April until Saturday 26 May.

This will affect services (see the Worship page) though for Sunday 20 May, the forecast is good so we'll be celebrating Pentecost and Aldersgate Sunday on the lawn outside.

"Pray without ceasing" was an initiative of the Methodist Church in 2005/6, and Christians are encouraged to maintain contact with God through an active prayer life all the time.  We don't think of prayer as something reserved for services and Sundays. 

But there are some times when we pray together, and you will be very welcome to join with us.  Our church house groups usually include a time of prayer together when they meet. 

In particular, on Monday mornings a group meets at church at 9.30 am to spend a short time together at the start of the week praying for our church family, our local community and the wider world.  Some pray aloud, others in their hearts, and you will be very welcome to join the group any time.

The Monday morning prayer group will pray for you, or for a concern you  have in your life if you wish.  If you cannot join the prayer group, you can always leave a prayer request in the boxes that you will find just inside each door of the church, or give a request to any church steward you see at church (wearing a red name badge), or send an email to the office.

If you would like someone from our Care Team to pray with you, you will find them in church after the service every Sunday morning.  They can be recognised by the green name badges they wear and will be happy to pray with you or for you, or just talk. 

From time to time we have events that are especially focussed on prayer or which deal with prayer in a particular way.  Watch out for these on the News and Events page.  You will be very welcome to join any of these events. Recently for instance we held our "In-Tent On Prayer" event of 1-2 December 2017. We resolved to spend 24 hours praying for the success of our building project and for God to use this to refresh and renew our mission to serve our community. Many of us who took part found it a remarkably energising and moving occasion.

At this time of the year our young people are very much in our minds. We pray for those in our community working towards exams, that they will be inspired to show what they have learned.

Did you know that nearly half of all the people in the UK pray?  Do you?Have a look at this report prepared by Tearfund to find out what motivates people to pray and what sort of things are on their hearts when they do.  Did you know that since 1999 24-7 Prayer International, an interdenominational and international initiative has had groups in prayer constantly around the world?

Perhaps you would like to visit the Daily Prayer page of the Methodist Church website for daily inspiration for your own conversation with God and for resources for Creative Prayer