Refugee Crisis - Skills and Talents 

Refugees who arrive here in the UK have a lot of needs. Aside from the obvious - the traumatic journeys they have experienced and the fact that they have no resources when they get here - they often have no family or friends and little knowledge of life in the UK.

Do you have a skill which could help a refugee, or maybe you could just listen? 

If you would like to help, now or in the future, please can you e-mail the Circuit at

Please tell us your name, your church, an email address we can contact you on, and if possible a telephone number as well.  Please let us know what skills you may be able to offer and give us any other details that may help.

At this stage we are still finding out what help we may be able to offer, but here is a list of some of the things that we would love to be able to provide if you can help us to make any of them available. Do you have any of these skills? Have you thought of something that isn't on our list? Please get in touch.

Thank you.

·         Adult Education

·         Advocates For Attending Meetings e.g. With Local Authority

·         Applying to Charitable Trusts – Grant Application

·         Befriending

·         Benefit System Knowledge

·         Child Welfare

·         Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) experience

·         Employment (CV’s, how to find, applications, offering)

·         Financial & Accounting Support (including Tax & NI)

·         Furniture Warehouse Contacts

·         Health (please state area of experience)

·         Immigration Authority Knowledge

·         Insurance

·         Languages (please state)

·         Legal Training e.g. Tenancy Agreements (please state area of experience)

·         Links With Similar Cultural Groups In Local Area

·         Local Area Knowledge & Orientation

·         Local Authority Knowledge

·         Pensions

·         Preparing Accommodation Proposals

·         Schooling

·         Social Work

·         Teaching (please state skill area e.g. English)

·         Transportation

·         UK Cultural Teaching

·         Work Permits