Worship with us

These are our regular times of service.  Further down the page there are some details of the types of services, and on the Visitors page you will find some information about what to expect at a service.

You can be assured of a warm welcome if you come along to any service.  If you need help to come to worship with us, or just someone to encourage you to give it a try, please do contact the office.  You could speak to someone beforehand about what happens in church if that would help, or perhaps we could arrange for you to sit with someone who could answer any questions you might have.

On Sundays, there are often two services, with an extra service of Holy Communion each quarter.  However, at present we only have Sunday evening services on alternate Sundays.  On the Sundays when we do not have an evening service we are invited to worship at South Parade church in Sutton Coldfield.

On Wednesday mornings we have a regular midweek service, sometimes with a visiting preacher.

On Monday mornings between 9.30 and 10.00 there is a prayer meeting in church where everyone who can make it is invited to join us and pray for those in need.

On Monday afternoons at 2.00 pm our Monday Fellowship meets both for fellowship and in worship and everyone is welcome.   Monday Fellowship finishes for the Summer on 17 July and does not meet in August. The July dates are:

Monday 3 July - Bronwen Finch 

Monday 10 July - Revd John Rowe (including Holy Communion)

Monday 17 July - A cream tea


Sunday 23 July

at 10.30 am Mrs Angela Constantine leads our morning worship

at 6.30 pm Revd John and Deacon Liz Rowe host a relaxed cafe style service

Wednesday 26 July

at 10.30 am Mrs Sue Hall leads our morning worship

Sunday 30 July 

at 10.30 am Revd John and Deacon Liz Rowe will lead our morning worship for the last time before John's retirement and the service will include Holy Communion

at 6.00 pm (earlier than usual) we are joined by friends from around the circuit for a special circuit service to wish John and Liz well and thank them for their ministry and friendship 

Wednesday 2 August

at 10.30 am Revd Nic Blackwell leas our midweek worship

Sunday 6 August

at 10.30 am the Revd Dr John Taylor leads our service

at 6.30 pm we are invited to join a Circuit Service at Falcon Lodge Methodist Church which will be led by Revd Dr Alan Smithson

Wednesday 9 August

at 10.30 we welcome Mrs Therese Rutherford to lead our midweek worship

Sunday 13 August

at 10.30 am Revd Nic Blackwell will lead us in a service of Holy Communion

at 6.30 pm we will be hosting a Circuit Service at our church which will be led by Revd Malcolm Oliver and Revd Stephen Willey and will include a celebration of Holy Communion

Wednesday 16 August

at 10.30 am Revd Dr Alan Smithson will lead our worship

Sunday 20 August

at 10.30 am our morning worship will be led by our local worship team

at 6.30 pm we are invited to a Circuit Service led by Revd Malcolm Oliver which will be hosted by Stockland Green Methodist Church

Wednesday 23 August

at 10.30 am Revd Malcolm Oliver leads our midweek worship which will include a celebration of Holy Communion

Sunday 27 August

at 10.30 am our morning worship is led by Mr Jack McGinnigle

at 6.30 pm we are invited to a Circuit Service led by Revd Stephen Willey which will be at South Parade Methodist Church

Wednesday 30 August

at 10.30 am Deacon Phyllis Thorne leads our midweek worship

Types of Worship 

9.00 am - Holy Communion (held quarterly).
This is quite a traditional Holy Communion using the Methodist Worship Book.

10.30 am - Morning Service
This tends to be fairly traditional although there are ten family services each year which are less so.  Those services sometimes have the Scouts, Guides and junior groups parading their flags and taking a part in the service. 

Members of our Care Team are usually available after the 10.30 service on Sunday mornings if you need someone to talk to or someone to pray with you.  Look for the people wearing green name badges.

It is the preferred practice of the church that baptisms take place in the morning rather than the evening service, but these are often held shortly after the main morning service so that all the families can be accommodated.

10.30 am - Wednesday Midweek Service
A short traditional service led by Circuit ministers and Local Preachers, followed by coffee and conversation.

6.30 pm - Evening Worship
This is usually a less formal service, using piano and sometimes our music group instead of the organ, and often with more modern hymns and songs. The Sunday evening service sometimes includes prayers for healing. 

About once a month our evening service is cafe church, a relaxed service with a conversational style, fuelled by coffee and cakes on tap throughout.

Joint Services on Sunday Evenings

Circuit services - In the Sutton Park Circuit of Methodist Churches to which we belong we gather together around once a quarter for combined Sunday evening services which are shared by all the churches in the circuit, and we sometimes meet more often than this in the Summer

Churches Together in Four Oaks - We also meet in worship about once a quarter to share a Sunday evening service with friends from the other churches in our area.  The members of Churches Together in Four Oaks take it in turns to host these services and the clergy share the responsibilities for leading worship on these occasions.