A Methodist Church serving the communities of Four Oaks and Mere Green in Sutton Coldfield in the West Midlands. 

You are assured of a warm welcome if you join us for any of our services and events.  

There are directions and details of how to find us on the For Visitors page and if you may need any help to join us do please contact the office

For information about the Methodist Church nationally visit the Church's website and find out some of the things that make Methodism distinctive.

Revd Stephen Froggatt and Deacon Marilyn Slowe have pastoral responsibility for our church. Stephen also has pastoral charge of Blackwood and Kingsbury churches; Marilyn ministers to Blackwood church as well as Four Oaks.

We're getting established now in our refurbished halls and rooms, handed over by the builders in August, and opened with a fabulous dedication service and party on 1 September. There will be teething troubles, but we're already starting to feel at home - if you haven't been to check it all out for yourself do come and see.

The Building Work page could be retired now, but we're still relishing seeing "Mission Accomplished" written on it! 

We'll update the description and the plan on the Building Page too, to show everyone what our fabulous new facilities look like. The next thing to be brought up to date will be the medieval software that creakily holds our website together, so we can reliably host more pictures and share our ministry online as well as we can in person.

But our fine new facilities won't make us great servants of God unless we use them, as Revd Stephen reminded us in his letter in the September Messenger,  and as we were challenged by the guest preacher at our service on 1 September, Revd Lorraine Mellor. Lorraine's address is published in full in the October edition of the Messenger

What counts is how we set out to make the best use of this fantastic gift we have been given - to serve our community and be faithful to God, offering our hospitality thoughtfully, sincerely, warmly as a faithful reflection of God's love.

With out focus rightly fixed on the future, we should also take care not to overlook our history and heritage. October gives us a good opportunity to do just that as our anniversary is celebrated on Sunday 14 October. We will welcome back Revd David Easton as our visiting preacher for that morning's service. David and his family were with us for 10 years

You can find out lots more about what our church family is involved with in our monthly magazine, The Messenger, which has much more than than we could fit onto the website.  You can pick up a copy in church, or contact the office to be posted a copy.

In the October edition you can find:

  • a copy of the address given by Revd Lorraine Mellor at the opening of our refurbished rooms and halls
  • an invitation to the Ladies Friendship Group outing to Weston's Cider Museum on 19 October
  • an appeal for help in accommodating delegates to Methodists for World Mission on 2 November
  • an update on Revd David Easton who will be making a return as guest preacher on 14 October
  • lots of pictures from the grand reopening of our rooms and halls on 1 September
  • an article on Our Calling by Revd Dr Jonathan Hustler taken from the Methodist Church magazine The Connexion
  • a reflection on Psalm 124
  • results from a survey of members and visitors on 1 September which asked different age groups what they believe our priorities should be when using our new amenities
  • an exploration of lay vocations also taken from the summer edition of The Connexion
  • an explanation of some of the categories of people coming to the UK such as migrants, refugees and asylum seekers
  • articles from some of our members including these:
    • Mrs Cathy Snape looks forward to Bible Sunday on 21 October and celebrates the work of Bible Society
    • Mrs Diana Bosman shares reflections on regular annual pilgrimages to the Greenbelt Festival and an invitation t be part of Greenbelt in 2019
    • Mr Glyn Constantine revels in the individuality of the ways God makes himself known to different people, whether in the Bible or in our own everyday life
    • Mr Roger Smith continues his occasional series of articles sharing the beauty of creation as found in his love of the countryside and of wild birds in particular
    • Revd Dr John Taylor explores different ways in which church can, and should be "open" - not just physically unlocked but transparent and accessible and welcoming

If you don't already receive a copy of The Messenger, pick one up when you are in church or contact the office or the website if you would like us to send you one.